early christmas for me!

This year I had an early Christmas. I think this is the one that I got the most things that I actually wanted to get. This past week my boyfriend and I went up to my parents' house. We dropped off our presents for everyone and collected ours.  I got a Fiesta butter dish in their peacock color. I feel so grown-up having an actual butter dish.

I also got a pair of hand knit mittens from my grandmother. They match the hat that I made for myself. I sent her the pattern asking if she would make them for  me. The pattern I found at one of the blogs that I used to follow. I can't find the link anymore, but the mittens are similar to those from the movie Twilight, that Bella wears in one of the scenes. I really like the knit/crochet wear that the actors wear in the movies, even though I haven't seen any of the movies.

I then got myself a few items that I've really wanted to buy for myself for a while. I got a set of vintage Pyrex nesting bowls.  I bought them from the antiques mall that my boyfriend has a booth at. The print on them is the Early American pattern. I'm happy that I got them at the mall, because on Etsy there is a set of three, were I have the full set of four. I wanted a set for a while. I got them while I was buying my boyfriend his Christmas present, to hide what I was getting for him.

I also bought for myself a Fiesta pie pan in their Shamrock color. Now I have my very own pie pan that I can experiment with different types of pies and what nots. Last week I made a spaghetti pie that was delicious. Now I can try different things.

On a sad note, my phone has died. It is now in two pieces. Last night it fell two yards to its death. I'm guessing it just couldn't stand life anymore being partially broken. I hope that where ever it is that its enjoying a better life.  I'm now phoneless for the next two weeks, unless Verizon will help me out.

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  1. I love those mittens! Happy early Christmas to you! Looks like you guys had a nice time.