snowed in?

This weekend there was a really bad snow storm that covered the whole state of Wisconsin. Up where my parents live, Northwestern Wisconsin, there are some major snow drifts that are almost six feet tall. While down where I live, Southeastern corner of the state there might be six inches.  This is a picture of my front yard. The plow went through this morning. There was a little bit of wind that blew some of the snow around. I went out to shovel the drive way and sidewalk to make snowing when the storm was finished easier. It was supposed to snow for 24 hours down here.  I am very happy that I had this weekend off from work. I'm sure that if I had worked I would have had to drive through the worst of it. From what I've read on Facebook everywhere else in the state is very yucky out and has much more snow then what we have.

I'm about half of the way finished on my scarf. I just have a little bit more I want to do on it. I would have to say it is one and a half arm lengths. I want it to be at the very least two and at the most my arm span in length. I think I have a few more days left until I need to have it done to wear at work.

I still have to finish one dish cloth then I'll be done with pretty much all of my presents for Christmas this year. I still have to think of what to get one person for Christmas. I have no idea really what to get him.


  1. Holy cow, look at all that snow. All we got so far have been a few flurries.

  2. yeah and we really didn't get that much compared to other parts of the state. The Interstate, for 100+ mile stretch, was closed down because of the storm also.