I am currently conflicted on whether  or not to close this chapter of my life and stop my blog Things of Yarn. The more I think about it the more I can't do it yet. I know that if I do continue blogging I will need to be a little better about putting new entries on here.

I am currently working on an afghan for myself. This is just on square of it. I want to make this blanket large enough for a twin size bed. The square that I am working on now is all reds and pinks. The small individual squares are all granny squares that are crocheted with a size H hook. This afghan is staying with me. It is pretty much my back burner project that I have.

I also have another blanket going. It is a baby blanket that I hope to give to my second cousin's little boy. I am halfway done with it as of now. When I started it they did not know if they were having a boy or a girl, so I have both pink and blue represented in the blanket evenly. This blanket is also crocheted I think it is with a size G hook. I have to finish this beauty by March.

I do have a third blanket that I am working on. It is knit using the pattern that I use for my dish cloths, starting in the corner working your way out and back in again. with this blanket I am using different colors to represent different people in the life of the person that I intend to give it to. When I sew the squares together I am going to have them turned on the diagonal and maybe make some tassels for the corners. I still have many of these squares to knit.  I have to have this one done by April. I really need to get cracking on some knitting.

A few years ago Noah bought me a skein of fancy merino wool for Christmas. I put it away because I did not have the right project for the yarn. A few days go I found the pattern. I am knitting a cowl. The pattern is called chestnut Cowl I found it on Raverly. I am excited to finish the cowl and have a nice well worked piece of wool to keep me warm.

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