I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting/crocheting this week. The weather has been beautiful and I have been working on my landscaping project. It is finally starting to look very nice. I've been digging, dumping, and planting. I'm digging a trench to stand my bricks up in to divide the yard and add a little of visual excitement. I finally got about halfway and I still need many more bricks.

This is opposite the fist picture. I dumped about 600 pounds of red granite. I plan on getting some large border rock/brick to edge it. I don't want to have rocks all over the yard. I hope that these rocks kill most of what is under them.

There is a vine that has taken over the whole yard that needs to go. If anyone wants some Creeping Jenny, I'll give you a piece for FREE! It does bring in some bumble bees, so its not all bad. I would be fine with it if it were better contained.  Once I'm done with the yard I might even keep a vine of it. Until then it can be gone.

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