It feels like forever since I've posted anything on here. I have been a very busy lady with different projects.
I have made a few different hats off of straight needles. This is one that I gave to my brother for Christmas. It is being modeled by Michelangelo.

I have been knitting different bracelets. I have these scarf rings from work that I have been wearing as a bracelet for years. Now I have added some fun color to them to turn them into an accessory to give an outfit that homemade touch.

One of my co-workers had a little boy this past winter. I am still working on knitting up a nice light weight blanket for him. It is also practice for me in lace knitting. Lace is something that intimidates me so much. I would almost rather do a garter stitch for the whole blanket and not worry about it.

I also tried my hand in making a sweater. Here I am wearing my Three Hour Sweater that took me about a month to knit. I hope to make a few more sweaters for myself.

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