Summer wrap up

Well I am about to move again, this time to my parents in Chippewa Falls, WI. I have again nothing much to prove for living on my own, this summer, except for more debt and the knowledge to make jam and jelly.
This summer I did travel to Red Wing. I got to see a nice small town that has one of the best schools for string instrument repair in the nation. Only to then learn that it will cost more in the first two days of school then I was willing to pay as of now.
I learned how to make jam and can food. Noah, his little sister and I made raspberry jam. I guess it is more of a syrup when it is at room temp. It wasn't that hard to do. Noah wants to make pickles soon and I am going to help him with it.
My cat had been in kitty jail for a week (she is now living at my parents, and I'll be seeing her soon). While she was living at Noah's his roommate accidentally didn't close the backdoor and Kara decided that she wanted to make a break for it. She was then picked up and taken to the Humane Society. It turned out that her bail was going to be over $100.
Last night was my five year reunion at my high school. I
wasn't going to go to it, because nothing has really changed in my life. I have grown up a lot, but I have no job or money to prove for any of my growing. Maybe I'll go to my ten year class reunion. I am sure that by then enough has changed and I will be willing to make the trip to see the people that I graduated with again.

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  1. Enjoy your summer adventures!

    One of my friends got a job with Vista when she grad in fine arts, & worked at a cool museum where they used old mill equipment to spin yarn . . . 40 years later (having raised a daughter), she returned to work in that same complex, & tho struggling with budget cuts, is still there.
    I play folk harp, & know a couple of folks who also repair instruments - sweet trade! The fellow who built my first harp taught an instrument making class in the 'free' college (only charge was for materials) sponsered by the local ag. college - he was building a mandolin, & had woodworking skills.