Sorry about the time laps between posts. I have been having issues with my internet at home. During that time I did get some projects completed and sent on to their new home.

I did finish these guys. I still have the pink version of them to finish before I can give a pair away. I believe I will be keeping this pair and gifting the pink ones. They really were not to hard to knit. The hardest part was sewing the cuff to the top of the leg. I am sure that the pink ones will be much easier after these ones.

I knitted up this pair as an add on that my hairdresser wanted me to make for her brother. These are just a simple baby sock that is knitted on straight needles with baby yarn. I am very happy with the ease and improving quality of these puppies.

This is my first felting project that I have ever done. I learned so much from this project. Do not use white yarn. It does not felt up as well as other colored yarns.  Felting by hand during Wisconsin's Summer is not a good idea unless you have air conditioning, save hand felting projects for when it is cooler. Felting is a nice way to make some real sturdy garments. I might be making a few more felted items, maybe even for myself?

Right now what is on the needles are dish cloths. I am learning different patterns other then my same old basic that I use. My mother just gave me a bag of cotton yarn to make some for her to give to her co-workers.  I am still working on my "adult size" baby blanket. I was really hoping to have it completed by Christmas. Now I am not sure it will happen. Maybe it will be done by Spring for his birthday.

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